Please note that the schedule above can be modified at any moment for organisation facilities.

Time Technical room 1 General Audience Technical Room 2
13h00-14h00 Attendees welcoming
14h00-15h00 Continous integration (Greg Harvey) [EN] Drupal in French : issues, state, future (Sébastien Corbin, Fabien Series) [FR] Discussion about Drupal & Facebook (Raphael Apard) [FR / EN]
15h00-16h00 Organic Groups (Amitaibu) [EN] Existing distributions (Simon Georges) [FR] Search in Drupal (Nick Veenhof) [EN]
16h00-17h00 Security in Drupal (Jakub Suchy, Acquia) [EN] Drupal for content managers (Léon Cros) [FR] "Speed job"
17h00-17h15 Break
17h15-18h15 Drupal, Varnish & ESI (Marcus Deglos) [EN] Drupal Commerce demo [FR] Manage a website only with feeds (Anne-Sophie Picot et
Christy) [FR]
18h15-19h15 The Philosopher's Guide guide to Drupal (Andrew Melck) How to manage big Drupal projects (Quentin Delance) [FR] NoSQL (Frédéric G. MARAND) [FR]
19h15-20h15 Closing conference [FR]
20h15-21h00 Cocktail
Time Salle 1 Salle 2
10h00-13h00 French translation sprint install Party / Code Sprint
13h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00-17h00 French translation sprint Install Party / Coding Sprint
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